Direct Phone Number which is regarding for AS297

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> The contract for the NASA NOC was re-bid and a different contractor won.
> The phone number has changed.  I don't know if NASA is trying to keep
> the new number confidential or just hasn't gotten around to updating
> the records.
> > This is KORnet NOC from Korea Telecom in seoul , KOREA.
> > We'd like to know who is in charge of operation for AS297.

For NASA network POC's, you might try
	"nslookup -querytype=TXT",
to find contacts for "", which is listed on the MAE
West Connection Map (

  $ nslookup -querytype=TXT
  Server:  localhost
  Address:      text = "TC-EMail:netconfig at"      text = "ASN:297"      text = "23apr95"      text = "NOC-email:enmc at"      text = "NOC-phone:01.800.424.9920"
  136.32.198.IN-ADDR.ARPA nameserver =
  136.32.198.IN-ADDR.ARPA nameserver =
  136.32.198.IN-ADDR.ARPA nameserver = NS.ISI.EDU      internet address =  internet address =
  NS.ISI.EDU      internet address =

> At least Milo isn't still listed :-)

No, but something tells me his legacy lives on.  (Milo is probably busy
reading comp.dcom.modems.cable, if not working on RFC's with Jeff Burgan.)

-Kinnith Wallace

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	 You write on it only once--then, it's a legacy."
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