Direct Phone Number which is regarding for AS297

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Thu Sep 9 23:46:47 UTC 1999

This is KORnet NOC from Korea Telecom in seoul , KOREA.
We'd like to know who is in charge of operation for AS297.
AS297 have advertized our customer i.p block and it's owned by
my customer as follow.
descr:          Konkuk University.
descr:          Mojin-dong 93-1
descr:          seongdong-gu
descr:          Seoul
descr:          133-701
descr:          KOREA
descr:          REPUBLIC OF
origin:         AS2563
comm-list:      COMM_NSFNET
advisory:       AS690 1:297(144) 3:297(147)
mnt-by:         MAINT-AS2563
changed:        shlee at 980416
source:         RADB

I'd like to know direct phone number and name who is in charge of
as297 operation ?

Best Regards,

       KORNET Network Assistance Manager(Centural O&M Center)
         - Voice : 82-2-766-5902  -Fax : 82-2-766-5901
                   -E-Mail : knight at

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