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On 09/09/99, Daniel MacKay <Daniel.MacKay at Dal.Ca> wrote: 

> The IMRSS open-mail-relay-protection service has listed one of my machines,
>, as an open mail relay, I dunno why, coz it ain't.  Several
> regular mail peers have called me about this.
> has been down for the last several days, and none of the
> phone numbers listed on the NSI contact page for work.
> Is anyone running this thing?  or is it an unattended dinosaur causing more
> problems than it solves?

	Apparently, IMRSS is totally automated and unattended.  Ron
	Guilmette, who runs it, has a very long history of not taking
	criticism very well, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if he
	just ignores your requests.

	It's really sad to see so many people implement IMRSS, ORBS,
	or other such things without doing any research on 'em first.

	For open relays, I'd tend to trust Al Iverson's RRSS list at , because by all accounts it
	lists exactly what it says it does -- open relays which have
	been used for spam.  The IMRSS and ORBS maintainers have both
	listed non-relay sites in the past, in violation of their
	stated purposes.  RRSS's FAQ says "by being honest and open
	and public with our goals and methods, we hope to gain the
	respect of our fellow internet users."  By contrast, IMRSS's
	FAQ doesn't appear to exist right now (site is down.)

	And, of course, there's the Mail Abuse Protection System,
	now at .  They, also, comply with their
	own stated goals and methodologies...and it works.

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