Warning to ISPs: 9netave

Dean Robb pceasy at norfolk.infi.net
Fri Sep 3 02:43:43 UTC 1999

At 19:52 9/1/99 -0700, Patrick Greenwell wrote:
>No doubt I'll get flamed to hell by some folks for this(but this wouldn't
>be Nanog without it), however if this character is doing what is described
>below you might want to make sure it isn't happening to you and your users
>at this very moment, moreso since 9netave, the organization hosting the
>site is apparently refusing to take action to stop a clear case of
>credit fraud. 
>Value Net, http://www.value.net is an ISP located in Walnut Creek,
>California, which I have an account with. 
>It appears that a scam artist decided to set up
>http://www.valuehelp.net, which copies the site design, logos, etc. and
>pops up with a javascript alert saying "This is a secure Value Net
>server," and has a place to enter account info & credit card. They then
>proceeded to send email to Value Net customers telling
>them that they needed to go there and re-enter their information,
>including credit card info. 
>According to information provided to me, 9netave is in no uncertain terms
>is refusing to take down the site without a court order.

In the spam-fighting world, we've caught 9NetAve with it's hands dirty on a
multitude of scams, AOL phishes, MMF schemes and plain old spam.  They have
always been unrepentant and refused to take action, even on the clearly
illegal stuff.  Anyone having any dealings with them would be well advised
to watch them closely.

Back to the on-topic stuff...:)

"NSI and ICANN - on the next Springer!"

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