read this before you consider EXODUS

Russell Briggs russb at
Thu Sep 2 00:31:54 UTC 1999

On Wed, Sep 01, 1999 at 06:09:50PM -0400, Ravi M said:
> What sounds like "fruitless bitching" to you will serve as useful
> information for other people out there, who are in the process of
> selecting service providers.

No.  The only way to offer a even remotly reliable view on whether or
not an ISP is good/bad is to see the good AND the bad.  I think I can
speak for the majority of the list when I say that making nanog into a
public bitch forum is the last thing we want.  Take your gripes elsewhere.

> This is a *open* forum that people bring realities like these publicly.
> You are entitled to speak for yourself, and if it sounds like what you
> inferred, you are subscribing to the wrong list. Just do a
> "unsubscribe".  One of the intent of this open list is to make aware of
> realities of ISPs around, beyond the glare of the press and marketing.

Have you even taken the time to read the charter/aup for nanog?  The first
rule in the aup states that:

	Discussion will focus on Internet operational and technical
	issues as described in the charter of NANOG.

Not whether or not you think Exodus sucks.


> And using words like "fruitless bitching" does not make your opinion
> more potent to anyone, unless they hold a lot of Exodus stock (: Do
> you?. Try to refrain from unnecessary language.
> Take it easy
> RaviM
> >
> >This sort of fruitless bitching pretty much serves no useful purpose.

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