read this before you consider EXODUS

Christian Nielsen cnielsen at
Wed Sep 1 22:22:58 UTC 1999

On Wed, 1 Sep 1999, Ravi M wrote:

> What sounds like "fruitless bitching" to you will serve as useful
> information for other people out there, who are in the process of
> selecting service providers.

Gee... I didn't know nanog was used for this. Maybe all those years going to
Nanog, working with people on real networks, etc, I missed that part. 

> This is a *open* forum that people bring realities like these publicly.
> You are entitled to speak for yourself, and if it sounds like what you
> inferred, you are subscribing to the wrong list. Just do a
> "unsubscribe".  One of the intent of this open list is to make aware of
> realities of ISPs around, beyond the glare of the press and marketing.

What realities? Aren't you pushing press information? 

Should we start bringing to light every little thing that goes wrong on the

> And using words like "fruitless bitching" does not make your opinion
> more potent to anyone, unless they hold a lot of Exodus stock (: Do
> you?. Try to refrain from unnecessary language.

I sure wish I held a lot of Exodus stock... I bet you do too... 

> Take it easy
> RaviM

And since this is such an ontopic post... why dont you ask Susan to give a
talk on why you think Exodus is bad.


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