read this before you consider EXODUS

Vijay Gill wrath at
Wed Sep 1 20:12:29 UTC 1999

On Wed, 1 Sep 1999, Ravi M wrote:

> Already there are signs that Exodus' relations with some high-profile
> clients are in jeopardy. Service problems are serious enough that
> they've generated high-level

What was the point of posting this again?  Every promising local ISP/colo
provider has problems, since you cannot please everyone all of the time. 

What really matters is how _you_ are being treated and are they delivering
the services they promised you when the contracts were signed. 

This sort of fruitless bitching pretty much serves no useful purpose. 


I keep hearing about schemes like FastPath (tm, pat pending) and ASAP (tm)
because apparently the BGP path selection is inadequate.  Could someone
actually give some concrete examples or should I just chalk it up to
rumors since operationally, BGP couldn't be worse. 


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