ARIN whois

Steve Sobol sjsobol at
Mon Nov 29 16:09:33 UTC 1999

Dean Anderson wrote:

> I'm all for working with the community. Each time I have, it has turned out that we need to operate relays.

RELAYS aren't a problem if they are restricted in some way, only allowing authorized users

Have you tried pop before smtp on the relays you need to run?

> Possibly, SMTP AUTH will make unauthenticated relaying unnecessary.

I sure hope so. I think it's the cleanest solution.

> Try to take relaying out of sendmail, and see what happens.

I run nothing but sendmail and don't have open relays. I don't seem to have a problem.

> I'm just foolish enough to tell the junior antispammer league that relaying has a legitimate purpose, and can't be removed.  Most other people aren't willing to waste the time with them.  I was also foolish enough to think they could think something through without resorting to abusing our servers, and making posts to alt.2600.  Yep. I know when I did something wrong.

I have yet to hear you admit you've ever been wrong in the 2+ years I've been chatting with you. I think that bothers me more than any opinion you might have WRT spam and relays.

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