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Robert Cannon rmcannon at mail.com
Fri Nov 26 15:16:47 UTC 1999

I have not seen the NRIC report either.  I am working on finding its status.

Focus Group III of NRIC is the Focus Group working on this issue. 
Subcommittee 2 is looking at future considerations.  This is the
subcommittee that came up with the recommendation to have a trial period of
ISP outage reporting.  This Subcommittee is headed I believe by PJ
Auduskevicz at ATT.  According to FG III's calendar,
http://www.atis.org/atis/nric/calsub2.htm, Subcommittee 2 met on 11/22.  The
NRSC met on 11/23.  I am making an assumption that they were going to
release the report on ISP outage reporting after these meetings.  FG III's
information is not on the NRIC page, it is on the ATIS page and can be found
at http://www.atis.org/atis/nricgr3.htm

Comments are due on the report in the beginning of December.  If you are
intersted in commenting on the report, let me know, and I will try to find
out where to direct your comments.

-Bob Cannon
rcannon at fcc.gov

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From: Sean Donelan <sean at donelan.com>

As Bob Cannon pointed out, the FCC is starting a "voluntary" project where
ISPs would also file outage reports.  So expect ISPs to start redefining
things to avoid filing an outage report.  I suspect that was also the reason
why AT&T Wireless didn't initially file a report after Rochelle Park,
Bell Atlantic did.  Wireless, cable, pager, satellite are treated seperately
in the FCC regulations.

The ISP reporting regulations were supposed to be posted on the FCC web site
today, but I haven't found them yet.

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