Bell Atlantic FCC outage report available now

Barry Shein bzs at
Thu Nov 25 00:33:14 UTC 1999

>For once, I wish someone in the press would pick up how much the telco's
>suck, and try to hide significant events like this; especially this north
>jersey one where they said only three counties were affected! Bah! The
>entire LATA was affected!

At Bell Atlantic, bald-face lying to customers is SOP...they know they
can get away with it and you'll send your money anyhow.

Although relatively minor, I just got off the phone with BA about an
ISDN line that's been out for several days here (fortunately we have a
backup but it's annoying how every day they say they're going to fix
it and every day someone has to call to find out what's up, etc.)

Anyhow, they were able to reproduce the problem within the CO so it
can't be anything here. There's been no fingerpointing.

So today the BA person on the ticket tries to reassure me by saying

Basically just tell us to get stuffed, but he refused (wotta guy.)

Not shocking he calls back today to tell us he's now off that ticket
so we shouldn't call him any more...

Ya know, sometimes we'll say stuff like this to each other and people
look at us like we're just paranoid.

But here's this BA employee telling me to my face that his manager is
telling him to just tell us it's our equipment problem, when they
determined days ago it wasn't, and close the damned ticket.

Sure, a small thing, just a little ISDN line, but what a great culture
we have with Bell Atlantic. Just say whatever bullshit and leave the
customer down, and no doubt deny it all later.

So long as we have these omnipotent RBOCs whose paychecks are
basically the same whether they're delivering service or not in a
phrase: We're Fukt.

        -Barry Shein

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