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Wed Nov 24 22:20:05 UTC 1999

On 11/24/99, Dean Anderson <dean at> wrote: 

> We respond "Yes, we know. We operate them on purpose for business reasons". 
> At times, I've explained these business reasons in detail. The technical 
> conclusion is then that we have to operate relays.

	That's YOUR conclusion, Dean.  Others have pointed out methods
	you could use that don't require the relays to be open.  You
	have chosen to ignore them.

> They say "Well, in that case we're going to start committing crimes against 
> your service, posting to alt.2600, inciting attacks, and wasting your time, 
> bandwidth, and computer resources until you agree to close them."  

	I think everybody on NANOG would agree that what you describe
	here is an inappropriate response.  That does not, however,
	mean that leaving your relays open is okay.

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