Bell Atlantic FCC outage report available now

Alex Rubenstein alex at
Wed Nov 24 21:35:16 UTC 1999

Does anyone find it even remotely interesting that Bell Atl had an outage,
performing a similar upgrade to a similar piece of equipment (Alcatel
IMTN), only three days earlier in Philadelphia?

For once, I wish someone in the press would pick up how much the telco's
suck, and try to hide significant events like this; especially this north
jersey one where they said only three counties were affected! Bah! The
entire LATA was affected!

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Date: 24 Nov 1999 13:13:16 -0800
From: Sean Donelan <sean at>
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Subject: Bell Atlantic FCC outage report available now

Ah, I see my friends at the FCC are reading this list.

The Bell Atlantic FCC outage report for the Nov 23 New Jersey outage
has been scanned, and is online at the FCC web site.

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