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Wed Nov 24 11:40:20 UTC 1999

Transfer or Register a .COM for yourself or your company.
19.95 a month. Call Now 407-622-1336

No banners or popup ads. This is your 50 megs of space.

 We get you online fast and easy with 
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We pride ourselves on customer service. 
We will walk you through every step.

Everything (see below) is included. This is a limited time offer.

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                       NT or UNIX you choose!
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               19.95 a month gets you the following:

 1. Your own domain name
      (example===>   (www.AnyNameYouChoose.com)
 2. 6 page WEBSITE template with graphics! Use it or recycle it!
 3. 50 megs of quality webspace on Triple Redundant (3DS3's!)    
 4. FULL FTP access everyday all day all night.
 5. 5 POP E-mail boxes
 6. Unlimited e-mail addresses at AnyNameYouChoose.com
 7. Friendly 1-800 support line to help you 24 hrs a day.
 8. Unlimited amount of traffic or data transfer!
 9. Support Forum access. All the tools you need from HTML to Perl
10. Guaranteed 99% uptime or your money back!
11. Ongoing pledge to price freeze!
12.       FREE SETUP!                     NO HIDDEN COSTS!
13.       FREE TRANSFERS!               * FREE REGISTRATION!
14. Instant account activation with an International service provider.
15. FREE extensions and support for Microsoft Frontpage! 
16. Secure Server  SSL with NO monthly fee!
17. FREE GuestBook
18. FREE MessageBoard
19. FREE Order Form (ready to take credit cards!)
20. Coupon for Search Engines Submission Special! 

Current special offer: 1 Month Free at signup.
Simply dial ====>407-622-1336

Front page support available at no extra cost! 
E-commerce, secure server service available
Webmaster/Reseller accounts available
 * Internic $35 Annual maintenance still applies.
We pride ourselves on customer service. 
We will walk you through every step.
Don't delay. Get your company online with a reliable server and start raking in the profits that the internet has to offer.

Removes should be sent to kharr at spire.com
with remove in the subject.

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