Stop the anti-spam spam (was ARIN whois)

brett watson bwatson at
Wed Nov 24 09:03:51 UTC 1999

> > Anyway, I'm not willing to argue this with you.  Take this as a statement. You can disagree right up until the tow truck takes your car away.  You can still disagree. 
> Hear, hear!  I'm hoping that this list won't degenerate into another emacs
> vs. vi, sendmail vs. qmail/exim/postfix/MTA du jour, or righteousness
> of popular anti-spam activities debate.  I'm on enough other lists that
> do that as it is.

where have you been?  this list always does degenerate to
what-you-said.  it has for a long time.  but it's entertaining if you
do what a good friend of mine told me to do.

"get the kids to bed (if you have them), read some important mail, do
whatever else, drink a few beers (maybe a 6-pack), *THEN* read nanog"


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