Majore North Jersey outage...

Adam Rothschild asr at
Wed Nov 24 05:35:59 UTC 1999

On Tue, Nov 23, 1999 at 07:32:46PM -0500, Charles Sprickman wrote:
> Alex has the scoop, but I understand there's only 50% or so restored
> now.  No real good info from anyone on what the cause is.  They mumbled
> something about fiber and electricity on the support line, Northpoint said
> it was a botched upgrade...

Last I heard, ~ 95% of their DACS shelves were restored (albeit in
"simplex" mode), and ~ 80% of their circuits were back up.  While most
mission-critical services are now restored, some are not, most notably,
a large hospital's DS3 ATM ports...

More news to follow...


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