Stop the anti-spam spam (was ARIN whois)

Christopher P. Lindsey lindsey at
Tue Nov 23 20:19:26 UTC 1999

> Anyway, I'm not willing to argue this with you.  Take this as a statement. You can disagree right up until the tow truck takes your car away.  You can still disagree. 

Hear, hear!  I'm hoping that this list won't degenerate into another emacs
vs. vi, sendmail vs. qmail/exim/postfix/MTA du jour, or righteousness
of popular anti-spam activities debate.  I'm on enough other lists that
do that as it is.

Dean is right about this: agree to disagree.  Accept responsibility for
your actions, and if you truly think you're right, be willing to accept
the consequences.  But bickering about it isn't helping.

Thought the goal of NANOG was about cooperation between network service
providers, with network being the operative word.  It would really be nice
if the list could stay in keeping with its charter and AUP.

Chris (who just wants to get back to network issues)

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