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Tue Nov 23 19:57:40 UTC 1999

On 11/23/99, "Derek J. Balling" <dredd at> wrote: 

> At 09:46 AM 11/23/99 -0800, J.D. Falk wrote:
> > > The real answer is putting an authentication layer into SMTP.
> >
> >         Already done.  Sendmail supports it.  Where've you been?
> Well, to be fair, sendmail has only supported it in a public release for 
> 2-3 weeks. :)

	True, but POP-before-SMTP and such have been around for much
	longer -- and, while I personally think they're pretty awful
	kludges in most cases, it WORKS.

> There are other MTA's that Dean could long ago installed that implemented 
> SMTP-AUTH before sendmail got around to it, though, so his argument is 
> still pretty moot.

	I think the root of his argument is that he doesn't want to
	feel as if somebody else is pressuring him to do something he
	would be too lazy to do otherwise.  And, if his laziness did
	not affect anybody else, I'd support him in that.

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