ARIN whois

Derek J. Balling dredd at
Tue Nov 23 19:39:19 UTC 1999

At 08:38 PM 11/23/99 +0300, Alex P. Rudnev wrote:
>If you protect yourself from open relays too hard, you really protect yourself
>from the usefull mail. It's reality.

Useful mail doesn't come from open relays.

At least not in the manner in which I (and others) define useful.

>The best way to stop the SPAM is to turn your computer off. There is many
>reasons why someone hold open relay; while this relay don't send you spam, 
>not your business... many providers simpli filter open relay detectors out 
>as ODBS), moreover, an attempt to use this _crazy_ (active) lists results 
>in the
>loss e-mail and can't be used by the serious companies.

You think too far into the box. The best way to stop spam is to turn off 
the spammers' computers.


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