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> A point that Dean makes here is pretty valid. Last year MHSC tried to run a
> third-party secure email service, using sendmail. The only way to do that is
> to allow relaying. The nimrods, that are about closing down all mail relays,
> absolutely ignore valid business uses for the relays. They don't understand
> that someone might want to use a different SMTP server, than the one their
> ISP uses, in order to send to someone in the WEB, FTN, VPN, or PER TLDs.
> That sort of gateway MUST allow relays in order to function.

	A couple years ago I might have agreed with you.  Right now,
	today, November 23 in the year of somebody's lord 1999, there
	is no excuse for leaving your relays open to the world.  We
	have the technology to authenticate.  Use it.

> I know Ron Guillimette from my daze on the anti-spam lists. Not only is he
> rabid, but he lacks a lot of sense. He's an "ends justify means" type.

	Ron does not represent the whole of the anti-spam community,
	or even just the folks who want open relays closed so that
	spammers stop getting a free ride.  He's on his own trip.

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