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Patrick Evans pre at
Mon Nov 22 22:53:50 UTC 1999

On Mon, 22 Nov 1999, Derek J. Balling wrote:

> No offense to all, but you are ALL wasting your time trying to
> convince Dean through logic on this topic. We've all been round
> and round the same discussions on the anti-spam mailing lists, and
> Dean continues to insist that he MUST run open relays.
Marvellous! We've got a load of customers who seem to refuse to use
their ISP's relays when sending mail, and because we're a hosting
company and not an IAP we obviously can't let them use ours without
jumping through hoops (a la pop3/smtp, or constructing an ACL of
every ISP they might happen to use...erm...yeh, maybe I won't do
that then).

Dean, can I have a list of your open relays? We'll whack in an RR that
suggests they're ours (not in the headers, of course), and point our
customers at those! You're a lifesaver!

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