History question, Morris worm

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Mon Nov 22 01:07:18 UTC 1999

>> and what's more fun, when they come back up on jan 3 or whatever, they
>> will have whatever y2k problems then.
> I recall after the Morris worm hit the Internet, reading a report sites
> which unplugged their ARPANET connection were down longer than sites which
> remain connected and got repair information over the net.

discussing this issue with a friend whose less than clueful site admins are
taking the whole institution down for the weekend.  your explanation that
they would just prefer to deal with it monday during 9-5 makes sense.  but
that means that those of us who feel responsible may have to deal with it
for three days while the <bleep>s bring their sites back online one by one.


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