Proactive notification, one disaster at a time

Patrick Greenwell patrick at
Fri Nov 19 07:17:59 UTC 1999

On 18 Nov 1999, Sean Donelan wrote:

> Since I posted about the problem, I guess I should also post when a company
> announces an improvement.
> Worldcom announced today it will proactively notify customers about network
> problems.  Its subsidary, UUNET, had a proactive notification program for a
> few years.

I would hardly characterize it as much of a notification system. UUNET
"proactive" notifications read something like this:

"On such and such day, we'll be upgrading routers in the following cities:

Customers may or may not experience service degredation."

where list is indeed a list of cities that may or may not have any
relation to any point in your network.

BBN on the other hand, provides notification that is actually meaningful
and useful in my experience.

My 2 "proactive" notices...

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