RFC1712 - is anyone actually using GPOS RR's ?

David Hares dhares at networktwo.net
Thu Nov 18 22:20:11 UTC 1999

Check out NeoTrace at


It uses a flat file or DNS LOC records.


At 09:24 AM 11/15/99 , Jesper Skriver wrote:
>As subject says, is anyone actually using these ?
>We were thinking of adding this to our automated dns scripts ... but if
>nobody actually uses them, we don't want to spend time on it ...
>Jesper Skriver (JS4261-RIPE), Network manager      
>Tele Danmark DataNet, IP section (AS3292)
>One Unix to rule them all, One Resolver to find them,
>One IP to bring them all and in the zone to bind them.
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