Port 43 Whois Announcement

Newell, Tom tomn at netsol.com
Tue Nov 16 21:36:00 UTC 1999

Bill Simpson asked:
	"Please quote the exact language in the MoU that describes 
removing the "who" from whois?"

The requirement for changing Port 43 whois responses is detailed in 
Amendment 19, Para 3A as available at the ICANN web site at:


3. InterNIC

A. Within six months from the effective date of this amendment 
(the "Transition Period"), NSI shall transfer the internic.com,
internic.org and internic.net SLD names to the Department of 
Commerce. Beginning within twenty-one days of this amendment and 
until NSI has completed such transfer, NSI shall provide port 43 
Whois access to registry data through rs.internic.net. Such Whois 
service shall return, in addition to the requested registry data, 
a message stating: "Domain names in the .com, .net, and .org 
domains can now be registered with many different competing 
registrars. Go to http://www.internic.net for detailed information."

This requirement was inserted at the request of the registrar
community to the ICANN board.

The NSI Registry is committed to working within the IETF process
towards a more ubiquitous solution (ala draft-faltstrom-whois-02.txt).


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What nonsense is this? 

The registrant and contact information should be in the same 
records as the name servers.  After all, that's why we called 
it "whois", not something else.  We want the "who" part, so that 
we can contact them!

Please quote the exact language in the MoU that describes removing 
the "who" from whois?

"Newell, Tom" wrote:
> An FYI of an operational nature.......
> --Tom
> Director of gTLD Programs
> NSI Registry
> ##########################################
> Redirecting Port 43 Whois
> The following change is being made to comply with the recently
> negotiated and signed agreements between the U.S. Department of
> Commerce, ICANN, and NSI.
> Effective December 1, 1999 Network Solutions will be redirecting
> port 43 (rs.internic.net) Whois from the NSI Registrar Whois to
> the NSI Registry Whois.   The NSI Registry Whois can currently be
> found at whois.nsiregistry.net.  After this occurs, port 43 Whois
> will show the following information: domain name, registrar, Whois
> server, registrar referral URL and the names of the name servers
> associated with the domain.  To obtain registrant and domain name
> contact information, users will need to refer to the Whois service
> provided by the registrar for the domain name.
> Send questions or comments to whois at nsiregistry.net.


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