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Mon Nov 15 16:30:57 UTC 1999

On Mon, 15 Nov 1999, Hyunseog Ryu/Brookfield/Norlight wrote:

> Is there anybody use IOS 12.0(7)S version?
> We got PA-2T3+ card for Cisco 7507, and upgraded its software from 11.2P to
> 12.0(7)S.

On a similar note, a few weeks ago I upgraded a 7206 from 11.1(25)CC to
11.1(28)CC hoping to use ip verify unicast reverse-path.  11.1(25)CC
crashed months ago when I tried that the first time.  Supposedly it was
fixed in 28.  A week after upgrading to 11.1(28)CC, one of our T3's on a
PA-T3 card started flapping somewhat regularly.  We had the line
tested/monitored, and nothing was found.  After about a week of that, I
downgraded back to 11.1(25)CC.  It's been 8 days since the downgrade, and
no flaps yet.  Is there stable code for the 7206 that supports the PA-T3,
PA-2T3, PA-MCT3, CEF, BGP, OSPF, and ip verify unicast reverse-path?

Also, we're considering upgrading that router to a 7206VXR and adding a
few more T3's to it.  It already has 3 (2 fractional, 1 full).  Is there
stable code for the VXR with support for the above?  Is there 11.1CC code
that can be run on a VXR, or are we forced to use 12.0?

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