PSI announcements

Joe Shaw jshaw at
Thu Nov 11 23:22:11 UTC 1999

Right, but I thought aggregating routes (and these smaller subnets are all
from larger supernets advertised by PSI) was considered standard policy
and best practice when considering the size of the global routing table.  

I have martian filters for BGP announcements from my upstreams to
accept nothing longer than a /24 as well as announcements for RFC1918
space that I shouldn't be seeing, but removed my filtering of PSI's
announcements to see what changes it made to my routing tables while
investigating what I believed to be a routing problem.

I was just shocked to see what I was told was bad practice from someone
like PSI.

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On Thu, 11 Nov 1999, Deepak Jain wrote:

> Generally speaking, networks don't filter their announcements to their 
> own customers, or even in their core, except by special need.
> Deepak Jain

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