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bmanning at bmanning at
Thu Nov 11 03:29:53 UTC 1999

> I think you missed my point.  "Back in the day" SRI and NSI handed out address
> space in any size chunk you could imagine asking for.  How much of this
> isn't used (My guess: atleast %60 is unused).  How many of these companies 
> do not exist anymore?  If you charged $1 for any allocation that wasn't 
> being announced (the quickest way to figure out if its being used), then
> any block that wasn't paid for could easily be reassigned.  Unless we want
> to go IPv6, the only solution to running out of address space is to get
> the space back that is assigned to non-existant companies.  

	As a small data point.  Back when I worked for IANA, I managed to 
	reclaim ~20% of the total IPv4 space. There are active discusions
	in many quarters on how to ensure that the feedback loop is closed
	and "dead" space is reclaimed for reuse. 
	Of course money is a great driver, but there are reasons to 
	have other tools in the toolbox, otherwise we could just run
	the Internet on a big DHCP server and be done with it... :)


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