ARIN to Allocate from

Steve Rubin ser at
Wed Nov 10 20:43:05 UTC 1999

On Wed, Nov 10, 1999 at 11:50:57AM -0500, Richard Steenbergen wrote:
> I might almost be happy, except this breaks the oh-so-nice filter of
> at borders (effectively reduces random src spoofed attacks
> by 25%, and covers as well). Go ARIN. </sarcasm>

The #'s have to come from somewhere, and 64/8 is just as good as any
other chunk of address space.  Maybe a charge of $1/yr should be imposed for
all swamp space that is not currently annouced (or in one of the routing
registries?).  Think of all the unused address space that would be free
when all the companies that are no longer in business don't pay their address
space bill :).

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