No Op. - Arbitration clauses in peering agreements [WAY OFF TOPIC]

Majdi Abbas majdi at
Wed Nov 10 19:06:08 UTC 1999

>    a) The number of arbitrators shall be three (3), the first to be 
> nominated by <peer who is the primary on the peering document>, the second 
> by UNA, and the third to be nominated by two (2) aforementioned arbitrators.


	'Three' shall be the number of the arbitrators, and the number of
the arbitrators shall be three.  'Four' shalt thou not arbitrate, and 
neither abritrate thou two, excepting that thou then goest on to three.  Five
is RIGHT OUT.  Once the arbitrator three, being the third arbitrator be 
reached, then lobbest thou thy Holy Legal Team to-wards thy carrier, who,
being naughty in my sights, shall snuff it.  Amen.
	I couldn't resist.  I'm sorry,


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