PI space/filters question

Alex Pilosov alex at pilosoft.com
Sun Nov 7 22:04:33 UTC 1999


I'm running a startup ADSL ISP, and I'm like to know what are ARIN/IANA
requirements for getting space under 24.* block. 

Web page says it is for cable ISPs only. However, ADSL is very similar to
cable (because it is always-on). So, would it be possible for ADSL ISP to
get ip space in 24.* netblock? 

Are cable/DSL ISPs required to use DHCP for assignment of IPs to
customers? Can we give static IPs to people who specifically request them?

What are filters of major backbones on announcements in 24.*? Is it /21 or
shorter? Actually, I remember seeing a page which listed how each backbone
filters all announcements, but I cannot find it now. A pointer would be
much appreciated.


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