1/2 of Netscape down for more than 4 hours

Kai Schlichting kai at pac-rim.net
Wed Nov 3 17:50:33 UTC 1999

Whatever Netscape is doing with their server at since 9:00a EST
I really don't know, but it's down hard and its starting to generate
significant customer feedback.

Their own nameservers all seem to agree that www.netscape.com
is CNAME'd to vwww-va2.netscape.com (which has the above IP) at this
time, while ns.cw.net (their secondary) seems to think it's
CNAME'd to www-ld1.netscape.com , with an A record of,
which is actually responsive.

Sometimes after 10:00a EST, this started to generate significant support calls.

Currently trying to populate the DNS caches around here with the
working version, which is tricky given that 3 out of 4 NS point to
the dead CNAME.


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