memorial network reconfiguration day?

William Allen Simpson wsimpson at
Mon May 31 19:00:36 UTC 1999

Hey, did everybody decide: "it's a holiday, and the end of the month,
nobody will notice when all the routes flap as we change router
configuration"?  When the backhoes had a day off?

I haven't seen this much since the bad ol' days of '91 or so.  Aside
from the perpetual congestion problems in C&W North Royalton, I saw
GoodNet Chicago flipflop between MAE East and West, and ACSI cum eSpire
problems on their cross-country links into Arkansas / Mississippi /
Tennessee / Texas, and sometimes even alternate tracing through AGIS.
Was upwards of 70% packet loss for awhile there....

Or is this always happening, and I just got to watch because I had some
time on my hands and it affected me for several hours?

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