updated IP Address Utilization Chart

Paul Flores pflores at wcg.net
Sat May 29 13:29:32 UTC 1999

> Fine, this study is interesting on some fronts.

Mostly interesting in that it predicts the future of ANY addressing scheme
we choose to deploy.

> Though,
> "actively used
> address space" is the key.  I'd say this study is largely
> irrelevant, as
> there are few who would argue that previously allocated space which is
> either a) not used, or b) used extremely inefficiently, is the true
> problem facing ipv4.

exactly. This same problem is facing IPv6 as well (although it won't be as
big a problem as soon)

I can hear it now (in 2010) We need to start implementing IPv16 NOW! We are
almost out of address space!

Paul Flores

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