Alan Hannan alan at
Fri May 21 13:01:14 UTC 1999

> > > The reason Sean was beaten in reporting this cut was, after he
> > > got off the backhoe, he couldn't find a working NoNuts payphone
> > > to logon & file his report...
> > 
> >   Either that, or he finally figured out that NANOG was not a
> >   good place to report fiber outages or routing loops.
> Yep, NANOG is just not the place to report anything bordering on
> operational material. Long live SPAMOG. 

  "When did you stop beating your wife?"

  Sure, real time updates on other people's network problems are less
  despicable than discussions on spam or smurfing.

  However, for those who have subscribed to nanog for more than 3
  years, nanog has traditionally been useful to discuss operational
  issues, where issue is defined as a concept or problem.  

  Real time issues are generally helped little by nanog discussions.


  I'm looking forward to all of the real time network health and T1
  cut updates at next week's NANOG conference.



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