Dan Foster dsf at
Thu May 20 19:47:24 UTC 1999

Hot Diggety! On a bright and sunny day, Sean Donelan was rumored to have said...
> We moved all of our equipment and circuits out of NYC after the WTC
> incident, too expensive, too high-profile, too risky.  So I don't get

Probably part of the reasons why the FAA keeps its critical centers such
as the ARTCC centers outside of a metropolitan area, such as the Chicago
ARTCC is (from memory) about 30-45 minutes west of the Chicago.

Ultimately, that's only one factor in the equation dictating placement of
network equipment. Cost, available facilities, interconnection needs, and
so forth would be other valid factors.


(P.S. For the uninitated, ARTCC stands for Air Route Traffic Control Center. )

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