Is anyone actually USING IP QoS?

Alex P. Rudnev alex at
Wed May 19 07:29:52 UTC 1999

> You are merely showing your geocentricism by saying that bandwidth is
> essentially free.  That may be true in the USA but not in other countries
It depends. It's not free yet for us (in Russia).

But we are talking about two tendencies. One are decreasing of bandwidths 
charges. Other is the quality of protocols (such as RSVP and multicast's 
applications) - now this is not usable issues yet.

Guess what happen first - this issues will be realised by the proper way, 
or charges decrease to the values when RSVP and coimplex QoS mechanisms 
have not any importance?

> Once int'l bandwidth costs drop to the rates of USA national rates, then I
> would be inclined to agree with you and Vadim that QoS is not needed.
> Clearly today, IP QoS is not needed at the campus level.
> -Hank

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