Is anyone actually USING IP QoS?

Nick Bastin nbastin at
Wed May 19 07:33:43 UTC 1999

"Steve Riley (MCS)" wrote:
> Regarding the idea of "free bandwidth," that's not what I said. I said that
> bandwidth is "essentially free." Of course there will always be a cost for
> bandwidth. But consider for a moment what's happened to disk storage. In
> 1990 I purchased my first PC. I paid $550 for an 80 MB hard drive -- that's
> $6.875 per megabyte. Today you can purchase a 25 GB hard drive for $450 --
> that's $0.018 per megabyte. That's a 31,250% increase in capacity
> accompanied by a 99.73% reduction in price per megabyte. So you see, on a
> per megabyte basis, storage is "essentially free." The same thing has
> happened to CPU and memory. It will happen to bandwidth, too, and in many
> cases already has.

I'll concede this point.  However, it's worth pointing out that
megabytes of disk space can actually be 'had', while bandwidth doesn't
really exist.  Most of us, at least, have to pay for bandwidth by the
month, while we only pay for the same piece of storage space once (and
then we actually posess it).  This is important because it impacts how
far this cost model can be extended, and for how long.

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