Is anyone actually USING IP QoS?

Alan Hannan alan at
Wed May 19 05:41:07 UTC 1999

> If I were to put together a native-IP network (probably POS)
> which was running high levels of traffic (at least DS-3 to
> start and probably OC-3), and put services such as dial-up,
> hosting/co-locate, DSL, and high-speed dedicated, and mix in
> VoIP, is it feasible to use one IP pipe and logically
> segment it with IP QoS/CoS features?

  You just described our network, and what several of our
  customers are doing.

  In other words, Yes.

  Now, it's not for blue haired ladies or non-innovative
  IT directors [translate to low risk tolerance].  But it
  absolutely is done today.

> So far, it seems that the way to do this is to physically or
> logically segment the network using separate circuits or
> ATM. But it would make a lot of sense (in theory at least)
> to use IP and bunch everything together.

  Bah.  Keep listening to your ATM vendors...


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