Is anyone actually USING IP QoS?

Alex P. Rudnev alex at
Tue May 18 19:31:42 UTC 1999

> Because IP multicasts are broken as designed?

And because (I guess) Internet lost such thing as, I do not know exact 
name, fixed addresses for the fixed services: for example, for 
DNS, for mail relay, etc etc. First IP drafts seems to had such 
ideas, but then this ideas was lost, and that make media caching more 
difficult (through possible) task to realise.

> In any case, L3 mcasting seems to be pretty much dead.  Replicating
I better prefer to say _it's the train which is over already_. Existing 
network have a much of multimedia sources, and they don't use multicast. 
Now there is easy to add caching and autho-replication then to build 
parallel multicast network based on very complex and suspicious 
mechanisms. Through, multicast can feel itself well - in the end LANs.

Alex. /sitting 10 meters next to the workstation where multicast is 
used for internet TV experiments/.

> canned content is better done with caches, and conferencing requiries
> real MCUs which do things like speaker selection and noise suppression.
> Injection of end user-supplied routing information (JOIN/LEAVE requests)
> into the core backbones is not going to work in a real life, period.
> --vadim

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