Why doesn't Savvis follow Savvis model?

Pete Kruckenberg pete at kruckenberg.com
Sat May 15 16:11:57 UTC 1999

I've seen several comments over the last year or so about
how Savvis doesn't follow the "Savvis model".

I'm curious to know why Savvis didn't continue to follow
their own model, like if there was some kind of problem with
it or what happened.

Are other companies who follow the Savvis model considered
to be good, bad, indifferent, short-term-thinkers,
cash-burners, etc?

I have heard that the Savvis model was presented at one of
the NANOG (9?) conferences. Was there any follow-up at NANOG
(or elsewhere) by Savvis or anyone else when Savvis decided
to start breaking away from their original model?

If this is contained within archives of this or another
mailing list, my apologies if you'd be kind enough to point
me to the right place.


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