Vienna, VA (DC, MAE-EAST) Fiber Cut Pictures

James D. Butt 'J.D' jbutt at
Fri May 7 16:19:47 UTC 1999

> Could someone knowledgeabe explain what the equipment in
> is?
> Is this some kind of a bore, and could it have caused the cut? Because
> if yes, then it is very probable that it will happen again soon - I
> think I saw about 5 of these machines all around here.

They are directional boaring machines.. they allow the people installing
the conduit to not have to dig things up (other than the start point and
stop point (if they are lucky)) there are quite a few diffrent types of
boaring techniques but they are basicly like earthworms..

They can cause lots of neat damage to things and even good operators will
hit something every once in a while.

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