Vienna, VA (DC, MAE-EAST) Fiber Cut Pictures

Jeff Aitken jaitken at
Fri May 7 12:52:58 UTC 1999

Sean Donelan writes:
> Nice pictures.  A curiosity question.  I couldn't tell from the
> pictures.  Did you notice if anyone had marked the other fiber
> in the area, e.g. tiny orange flags or orange paint on the ground?


I just took a quick walk around the building (I work in 8100 Boone)
and there is definitely fresh paint in the vicinity of where they
were digging yesterday.  Of course, without more information, I
can't tell you whether or not ALL of the fiber in the area was
clearly marked.  Someone from MFS who is more familiar with what
fiber is laid where may be able to confirm or deny.

For the record, we had a crew out there digging in roughly the same
area about a month ago, on a significantly larger excavation (all the
way down Boone, from Gallows to Aline).  They managed not to damage
anything.  You do the math. :-)


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