UPdate:DC Metro outage

Avi Freedman freedman at avi.netaxs.com
Thu May 6 17:16:39 UTC 1999

In article <9946.114636.27377 at avi.netaxs.com> you wrote:

: Effected area is DC/MD/VA.
: WroldCOM confirmed that it is a fiber cut.

: Tatsuya

There are some idiots digging at 8100 Boone in Vienna, VA.
MFS confirms they punctured fiber already.

Don't know where the sonet protection is, but a few providers
I know of have some circuits down into 8100 (some t3s and t1s)
but most circuits are still up.

Not that there's much fiber into that building and 1919 Gallows
across the street :)

Apparently they're still digging with no adult supervision.


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