Smurf tone down

Jan Ahrent Czmok j.czmok at
Sat May 1 11:06:56 UTC 1999

* Dan Hollis (goemon at [990501 08:35]:
> On Sat, 1 May 1999, Joe Shaw wrote:
> > After dealing with UUNet security regarding several smurf incidents I
> > asked them this same question.  Their response (and I'm sure it would be
> > the same response of others) was that a lot of the routers on their
> > network couldn't handle the load of using CEF-CAR to limit smurf attacks.
> The explanation I got from uunet regarding smurf attacks and why they
> dont shut down their smurf amplifiers when notified repeatedly about
> them, is that their ascend tnt's dont support icmp filtering.
> -Dan

I had a different view for the worldcom pops. as they got customers with
sub-t1 and t1 they connect it to smaller devices and digger ones to
cisco 7513 / b - stdx and fore switches.

Nevertheless some URL pointing the uunet structure of a gigapop:


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