OUTAGE: multiple outages around the country

Sean Donelan SEAN at SDG.DRA.COM
Sat May 1 00:46:20 UTC 1999

mathews at hawaii.EDU (Robert Mathews-ICICX) writes:
>Very Briefly... thought that I would interject/contribute a tid-bit
>on outages elsewhere -- than what seems to be known.

Thanks for the Hawaii update.  As one person said, the backhoes are trying to
make the end-of-month quota.

Just to spread this out over a few more carriers.  A person reported an
OC-48 outage hit Los Angeles early this morning (gte?), so it looks like both
coasts are getting hit.

Today's animal incident report.  A deer got tangled in some power cables
at a microwave relay station outside of Colorado Springs(us west) on
April 27 disrupting emergency phone service for eight hours.  Why does
the animal kingdom hate US West?  Last year's gopher took out a US West
facility too.

Today's money request.  We know who is the father of the Internet, who
should be memorialized as the father of modern computer science?


Anyone know where I can get a replacement tape for my Turing machine?
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