Internic and PGP

J.D. Falk jdfalk at
Wed Mar 31 01:48:18 UTC 1999

On 03/30/99, Jeff Frost <batalion at> wrote: 

> Has anyone else been having problems modifying domain templates, etc using
> PGP authentication at the Internic?  I called today because I've been
> having problems for a week and was told that Network Solutions is having
> difficulties with their PGP keyserver.  No ETA on when it's going to be
> fixed.  I'm just wondering if this is the truth or if the tech is just not
> willing to help me with my domain issues.

	It's been nonfunctional (at least according to NSI) for some
	time now, probably more than a year, though they may have
	had it functional for short periods therein.

	My personal method of getting through that is to update my
	key every week or so (no, really), and it works more often
	than it doesn't...but maybe I'm just lucky.

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