Internic and PGP

David Shaw dshaw at
Wed Mar 31 00:25:08 UTC 1999

On Tue, Mar 30, 1999 at 03:54:38PM -0800, Jeff Frost wrote:
> Has anyone else been having problems modifying domain templates, etc using
> PGP authentication at the Internic?  I called today because I've been
> having problems for a week and was told that Network Solutions is having
> difficulties with their PGP keyserver.  No ETA on when it's going to be
> fixed.  I'm just wondering if this is the truth or if the tech is just not
> willing to help me with my domain issues.

PGP authentication hasn't worked in at least 4 months.. it may have been
broken before that, but I didn't have any need to send an update.

I've mailed the Inter.. er, Network Solutions people about it and the
general impression I get is, "Thanks for your input.  Now watch how fast I
can ignore you."

The guard-talk list they run (do they still run it since they hijacked into used to be a good place to post
PGP problems, but nowadays most everyone on the list has given up.


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