Network Solutions is now in the wringer

Ehud Gavron GAVRON at ACES.COM
Fri Mar 26 07:40:29 UTC 1999

>	This is probably what Jon Postel's fear-inspiring experiment
>	a few months back was intended to test.

Yes... and he was killed by the wet team from the black helicopter

NetSol varies their "services" without regard to their "clients",
that being us.

As their client, I have sent a request for a list of all domains
served by my server (or one of them).  When they fail to respond,
I will see them in court.  After all, I am paying for a service,
and that service is now being curtailed/withdrawn with no contract
changes, no refund, etc.

ObSquatter: If they prepay, it's not squatting, it's legitimate.
ObRandy: whinewhinewhinewhinewhinewhinenothingconstructivewhinewhinewhine

>	But, would it really go that smoothly?  How long can the root
>	servers last without an A?

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