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Jody Craft jcraft at
Wed Mar 24 18:57:39 UTC 1999

I think you have the wrong idea on this T-1 thing.  If a fiber cut is
taking out your T-1's, as Mr. Mauch was saying. Then you would have a SONET
entrance facility from the LEC into your building.  Having the LEC build
the entrance as a bidirectional ring with diverse physical entry points
into the building is the way to go. The only way a T-1 can be dropped due
to a fiber cut is if the build is Linear or the transport provider built a
single physical entry point (which is shady to say the least!).

Jody Craft

At 12:31 PM 3/24/99 -0500, Ravi Pina wrote:
>On Wed, Mar 24, 1999 at 11:08:39AM -0500, Jared Mauch babbled:
>> 	my biggest concerns would be the following:
>> 	1) Fiber Cuts that take out your t1's
>> 	2) Power Outages
>> 	3) Router Failures
>even simpler than that.  you need to make sure your ds1 is coming from
>differnt physical entry points of the facility from different CO's.
>one drunk running into the telephone pole outside your place, or a
>flood in the utilities under the streets can wipe you out if there
>aren't multiple paths.
>an absolute fallback would then be a uhf/microwave link to another
>facility which now a days can do 10Mb/s for not too much $$.
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