Network Topology

bmanning at bmanning at
Wed Mar 24 18:40:46 UTC 1999

> I need the expert advice from all of you in this issue since my experience
> is insignificant compared to some of the members of this list. In your
> experience what is better in terms of connectivity to the Internet. My boss
> wants me to order 4 T1's (maybe 6)  to different providers to be
> 'completely' sure that our NOC will 'always' be up & running. I've already
> got 2 T's right now,  I really don't know how' 'wise' it is to add another
> 4 or 6 from 'different' providers. Would it be better for us to get them
> from the same 2 upstreams we've already got?  Would it be better to get a
> Fractional T3?  I need some convincing arguments for him to understand, can
> anyone help?
> -Victor

Diversity is a good thing.   A bit harder to manage but often worth the 


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